AMC’s The Walking Dead renewed for a FIFTH season!

AMC’s The Walking Dead has been renewed! AMC released the good news on their website. This was obvious to happen because it is the number one show on TV (among

Awkward Conversations #64: Countless Giggles

Download l Previous Episodes l iTunes l RSS Join host Anastasia Darth Boob Washington and the boys as they rock out with the amazing Countless Thousands including a live performance! Nerd

BBC releases new retro posters for Doctor Who docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time

BBC One’s Official Doctor Who Twitter tweeted two new retro posters for the upcoming docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time – the story of the creation of Doctor Who.

Top 5 influential childhood horror novels

I’ve been a horror fan since I was a child. After being exposed to the universal monster movies, I found that I had an affinity for horror, and it wasn’t

Sonic arrives to the Wii U in full speed – Sonic Lost Worlds Review

Sonic has been on a roller coaster of adventures after leaving the 2D world and embarking into the 3D universe. The hedgehog has seen his share of bad adventures and

Stunning ‘Sailor Moon’ fan art

Although there have been many pieces dedicated to Sailor Moon over the last decade or two, Charlie Bowater from the United Kingdoms has created one of the most stunning renditions

The ESRB rating gets a cute PSA

The video game industry is still getting some hate for its violent games, but it has been reported that sales of M-rated games are more strict compared to R-rated movies

Call of Duty: Ghosts – Extinction Mode Trailer

So it turns out that people are sick of zombies and want something else. How do I know this? Because a trailer was just released for a new co-op mode

Dexter coming back to Netflix

Dexter, America’s favorite serial killer, is officially over. Even you didn’t liked the ending, the series was quite amazing. Now that its over, fans of the Showtime series will soon

X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer is here!

It has been posted!!! The X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer is finally here and it was worth the wait! You see a slew of mutants and human villain Trask

Review: Cambridge Audio’s Minx Go Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The market for portable audio has always been a fierce competition of who can provide the most features, highest clarity audio, and functionality for the lowest price. In its bracket,

A new Pokémon ‘Detective’ game will feature a talking Pikachu

Fans in Japan who watched NHK this morning were in for a treat as an episode of “Professional—Style of Work” gave an inside look at the development of a new

Justice League: War trailer released

The new DC animated movie, Justice League: War, just premiered its trailer via IGN. In it they open up with Darkseid (a weird looking Darkseid in my opinion). Let the

Don’t wear animal masks when trying to murder

We all know those horror movies where the villain would wear a mask to scare people while also concealing his or her identity. Well, there are certain types of masks

Canada, kind of a big deal in the video game world

There are a lot of misconceptions about Canada, many having to do with its weather and the uniforms police officers wear, but there’s an interesting nugget of information that many

Exclusive: Geek & Sundry’s Halloween vlog special sneak peek

We’ve teamed up with Felicia Day’s YouTube network, Geek & Sundry, to give you a sneak peek on its vlogging channel’s Halloween special. It will premiere tomorrow, October 28th, at

Fallout fan film, Nuka Break, returns for season 2

I miss Fallout. I really, really, really miss Fallout. Fallout 3 was a title I’ve invested roughly 200 hours into. After 6 full playthroughs as well as completing every single

Harrison Ford update for Star Wars and…Indiana Jones 5?

When it was announced that Star Wars: Episode VII was happening, one of the things that fans were wondering about was whether the original cast was goign to return. George

Vikings’ Travis Fimmel to star in Warcraft movie?

The Warcraft movie was originally going to be directed by Sam Raimi. Things didn’t pan out, and now we have Duncan Jones attached to direct the movie being adapted from the

Hit-Girl and Deadpool team up for this fan art

Deadpool and Hit-Girl are two anti-heroes you do not want to piss off. Now what would happen if they teamed up together? We don’t have to imagine any longer, since