Microsoft says Xbox One’s voice chat won’t be private, while other features will be secretive


Microsoft has released information on how the Xbox One Kinect would store your data. Some of them includes the Kinect storing numerical data that represents your face. These data will allow you to sign in via facial recognition, but don’t worry though, people won’t know it’s you through those numbers. The Kinect also temporarily stores skeleton and body data. Once there are no use for them, the data is destroyed. Another think you don’t have to worry about is the body data, as it can’t be used to identity the user.

One of the big things to do in an online game is the ability to speak to your friends. Microsoft has said that voice chat using the Xbox One Kinect won’t be private. This also includes video chat. However, they won’t be able to listen in on your Skype calls.

So why does Microsoft need our voices? According to them, it helps improve on the system.

“With user consent, samples of voice commands occurring while using Kinect will be collected and periodically sent to Microsoft for product improvement. We also collect voice samples to provide the voice search service and, with user consent, for product improvement.”

Another thing that can be shared is fitness data. For example, Xbox Fitness will share exercise data to Microsoft, but players can choose whether they want to share with other Xbox Live users.

Source: Microsoft

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