Fangasm’s fan-favorite Andrew Duvall has a web series, The Apartment!


Andrew Duvall, a fan favorite from Syfy’s Fangasm has a new hilarious web series out called The Apartment. As described in the YouTube tag line “The Apartment is a documentary-style comedy about the incredibly awkward and ridiculous adventures of five roommates.”

If you didn’t see our live podcast, we recently sat with Andrew Duvall and Dani Snuhh *Snow* at the legendary 1337 Lounge, which was hugely popular! Andrew Duvall describes it as a mockumentary-style series with each episode airing on Tuesdays and being 5 to 10 minutes long. And yes, they all really do live together. Sorry guys, comedian Lisa Best is taken by none other than Andrew.

I don’t know about you guys, but if you have ever lived with roommates, the kind of issues and adventures they have in just the first episode alone gave me a nostalgic feeling of when I lived in a few different places with my past roommates. These everyday problems you run into are spun into a such a comedic fashion, you can’t help but smile and laugh at this. Hell, even if you haven’t lived with a bunch or roommates, you can still enjoy this since each cast member is so awesomely quirky that you can’t help but love them. Half of the different personalities you see are easily relatable when it comes to your own circle of friends.

Overall I would tell you all to definitely watch The Apartment. If you take 5 to 10 minutes of your mundane Tuesdays and watch this, it’s guaranteed to brighten your day. You can meet Andrew Duvall, Dani Snow, and the rest of the Fangasm cast at Comikaze this weekend (Nov 1- 3) at the LA Convention Center.

You can see more of the hilarious Andrew Duvall at his site here!

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