Cell phones and airplanes! Together at last!

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One of my biggest annoyances when I worked as a flight attendant was people’s inability to shut off their electronic devices. Sending that last text, forwarding that last email, beating that last boss (Ok, that last one I can sympathize with) were all the bane of my everyday shifts.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it. That one passenger loudly talking on their phone as the doors close. The flight attendant gingerly walking up to them and (hopefully) politely asking them to shut off their phone. Then comes the sighing, the eye rolling and the ever so popular “b-but it’s on airplane mode!” Sadly, these were all part of the job and as much as we agreed with our passengers, safety regulations forced us to put on a Barbie smile and ask you to shut off your iPads/laptops/3DS etc. for landing and takeoff. This College Humor skit captures it pretty well:

But fear not savvy traveler! According to the FAA, most carriers and fleets will not only allow you to keep your phones on airplane mode during takeoff or landing, but you’ll be able to catch Pokemon from the time your plane leaves the airport until it touches down at another (The notable exception being during the actual takeoff and landing). This still doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use your phone to call someone on descent (which I have personally witnessed), but this is a big step in passenger comfort and convenience.

Does this mean an end to Victorian-esque aviation rules? Who knows, but with wifi and outlets appearing on more and more aircraft, the FAA might finally be ushered into the 21st century.

Source: Kotaku, ThinkGeekDigitalTrends

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