Upgrade your iPhone to a Pokédex TODAY!

PokedexHow does this upgrade work? Well it’s not so much an upgrade as it is a feature. With the help of Wolfram Alpha, Siri can look up a mind blowing 649 Pokémon. For any Pokémon fan, this is a pretty cool feature to have. Pretty much any iOS device with Siri (iPhone or iPad) can act as your Pokédex. So how does this work? Just follow these simple steps:

Activate Siri

Ask: “Search Wolfram for [pokémon name]”

Siri will then bring up pretty much all the information you would get in your in-game Pokédex, and then some. You’ll get everything from statistics to images to plane curves? The reason all this new Pokémon information is available on Wolfram Alpha is because of the popularity of Pokémon plane curves people created on the site. While you can look up almost all Pokémon (those from Pokémon X & Pokémon Y are not yet included) on the Wolfram Alpha site you can do much more.

Wolfram Alpha is not your typical search engine, it’s the computational knowledge engine. This allows you to ask some interesting questions. For example, have you ever wondered how many Onix it would take to circle the Earth? The answer is 4.56 million by the way. Or maybe you just want to know what’s the fastest Pokémon? So all you Pokémon fans, no real need to buy an expensive Pokédex app, you have everything you need on iOS and Siri.

All that being said, I think you should also be able to use the same procedure on an Android device with voice command to look up your Pokémon of choice. Since I don’t have an Android device, I could not test this theory.

Source: Tuaw

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