Sean Astin’s Vox Populi Quest: This guy needs an app!

voxp2This guy needs an app and we want to give it to him, awkwardly, of course. Awkward Conversations and Bourbon Lounge had the pleasure of chatting with Sean Astin (Goonies and LOTR fame) about his show Vox Populi: Voice of The ‘Occasionally Interested’ People and the Kickstarter campaign currently running til October 30th!

Vox Populi is a political radio show hosted by Sean Astin. But don’t let the subject matter scare you. In fact, Vox Populi’s whole purpose is to bring politics to the masses in a sincere and respectful way. Allowing the viewers to question and share ideas in a non-confrontational or intimidating forum.

The show has been on since May 2012 with 31 two-hour episodes of topics with guests of opposing views talking it out in a comfortable and supportive environment. And with Vox Populi reaching its initial goal in just 15 days, you know they are on to something.

voxpSean spoke with us about how scary it is to bring up politics to even people you know very well, and that he wants to change the way we conduct that conversation.  One of the ways we can help him do that is to help him reach his next fundraising goal. The mantra “ We need an app” will be stuck in your head, but also really drives the very important point home. In this age of social media to have a positive impact you must have a way to connect with the community on the go. And this app will do that.

voxp3To help him reach his goal please go to and check out how you can keep calm and start the conversation.

We reached out to him and asked him several questions about his program.

1.Tell us a little bit about the project Vox Populi?

Vox Populi: Voice of the ‘Occasionally Interested’ People is my political radio show. I have lots of tag lines, but one that I love is, “The key to civil discourse is listening.” The show is not about persuasion, it’s about expression. I find expert guests who shed light on topics of the day and then I facilitate conversations between people with wildly divergent  viewpoints. I see it as a forum where we model an ideal of how normal people can spend a little time in a safe and meaningful dialogue about politics and government.
2. Many people are using kickstarter as a way to get their passion projects out there, what makes this project so important to you?
I’ve long dreamed about using my voice and what I believe is my unique ability to communicate with people and facilitate great conversations. I want to make a difference in the public square and the marketplace of ideas. I produced 36 episodes that I am very proud of. I found great guests and along with the 12-15k average audience, learned a lot about issues and myself in the bargain. That said, it was too difficult to continue on doing so much show prep, booking, pulling clips and promoting the show alone. If it wasn’t for KickStater there wouldn’t be a second season. And now, it’s all about the App. I’m so fired up to get the financial backing to make it possible. I’m convinced that the best way to extend the reach of the show and create a perfect listener/viewer experience, is with an App. 
3. What can we expect from Vox Populi?
The audiance can expect a show that is well produced, with compelling guests, informative discussions and a robust community experience. It’s going to be great!
4. What can people expect from your unique point of you on the political state of america? What’s your unique take and platform?

I’m a Democrat, but my discipline on the show is the explore all viewpoints with urgent curiosity and total respect for everyone and their views. It is not a polemic, the show is not about persuasion, it’s about exploration, self expression and modeling the kind of healthy, protected environment to learn about and contribute to the national conversation.If you listen to our episodes on Israeli/Palestine conflict, the Pro Life-Pro Choice issue, the 2nd ammendment and gun rights in the wake of the Sandyhook tragedy, Benghazi, Syria, the Presidential election… you will discover a refreshing and completely fair and even discussion. 

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