Nvidia Shield receives a huge update, stream games over Wi-Fi


From launch, the Shield has been criticized at being nothing more than a controller attached to a smartphone, playing only Android games. With the new update the Nvidia Shield received just a couple days ago, this hand-held console is now able to stream games from your PC through your home Wi-Fi connection to your Shield device at 720p. Along with this came support for thousands of other Android-based games.

This is one vital component that I wish the Shield came with at launch, saving it from all the initial flak it’s gotten. The shield is a powerful device, sporting a Tegra quad-core processor and high-definition screen. Although we haven’t gotten our hands on the device for extensive testing, this new feature brings quite a bit of interest back to our little hybrid.

Nvidia’s new video, while hilarious, also explains how well the Shield works under different circumstances, even the extreme.

I can’t wait to see what else Nvidia will be packing into this little powerhouse of a handheld device. Since the unveil at CES, the Shield always has been and will be of great interest to PC gamers everywhere.


Dang it looks sweet, Gimmee!

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