New Veronica Mars movie footage!


Veronica Mars Movie and creator Rob Thomas released (I’m a backer, of course) a new featurette regarding the long questioned battle: Logan or Piz?

In the film, ten years after the show ended, Veronica is with Piz but is called into an investigation to help Logan out. A lot of Logan/Veronica shippers have been vying for the day they could be together again. Of course, there are a lot of Team Piz shippers because Piz is stable and just overall nice guy. But there is something about that smothering Logan that always draws you in.

The featurette shows some scenes between Piz/Veronica and Logan/Veronica and some commentary from the cast and crew.

If you have NO clue who Piz and Logan are… Logan begins in the first season and Piz comes in the third season. You’re welcome.

Just for you guys, as a Marshmallow, I’ll make a chart as a reminder who these people are.

Here is my old chart I drew years ago of Season 1 and 2 characters and relationships. I will update it and actually put their faces down.



Source: Rob Thomas Backers

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