Fallout fan film, Nuka Break, returns for season 2


I miss Fallout. I really, really, really miss Fallout. Fallout 3 was a title I’ve invested roughly 200 hours into. After 6 full playthroughs as well as completing every single faction mission available in the game, it still left me wanting more. New Vegas, which ran terribly on my PS3, still left me with an unquenched appetite that DLC only began to sate.

Fam films haven’t really been something Iv’e spent too much time watching on Youtube. My scheduled programming involves TotalBiscuit, Wowcrendor, Tradechat, Machinima, and Pewdiepie. Little did I know that Machinema also produced this lovely bunch of films about one of my favorite alternate realities. So sit back, kick you’re feet up and enjoy some fan film, which I would say could easily be a production worthy of appearing on cable television.

P.S. All the episodes are now available.

Directed by Vincent Talenti
Executive Producer: Steven Dengler
Executive Producer: Amer Rahmani
Written by Dan Ast
Story by Tybee Diskin & Zack Finfrock
Produced by Anthony Clementi
Director of Photography: Matt Ryan
Music by Dan Martinez
Visual Effects Supervisor: Roger Nall
Co-Producer: Evan Zissimopulos
Series created by Zack Finfrock

Starring Tybee Diskin, Zack Finfrock, Aaron Giles, Cameron Diskin, David Castro, Circus-Szalewski, Kevin Anthony Brooks, Howard McNair, Anna Rose Heyman, Bonnie Bower & Erik Denton.

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