The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 1 review


Before I go into detail on The Wolf Among Us: Chapter 1, some of you might remember an article I wrote (Top 20 Comic Book Heroes) where I gave Bigby Wolf, AKA the Big Bad Wolf, from Fables the honorable mention award. Fables is a comic book world where all our favorite children’s stories and fables are real. The only difference is that most of your favorite characters either live in New York or on a farm, depending on how human they look. In this world Bigby Wolf is the sheriff of the town in charge of protecting those who he once punished including the three little pigs and little red riding hood.


Telltale Games created the first chapter of a series of games titled The Wolf Among Us. At first it reminded me of the Walking Dead game which was set as episodes, but within 15 minutes it was clear this game was COMPLETELY different. The art and style of the game is heavily inspired by comic books, making the story and art both complex and captivating. The story itself is almost a choose-your-own adventure style game where every decision and response you make shapes the future of the story and relationship with each character. From deciding which bad guy to capture or how you interrogate a witness, you really feel as if you are the big bad wolf.


At first the controls did take some getting used to, but then I realized why it was designed in such a way, which is to make quick thinking events easier to respond to. I think the only complaint I have about the game is the fact that it isn’t a full game, which makes waiting for the next episode even harder!


Overall the game’s quality shows with the art, story and gameplay.

Grade: A


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