Sherlock series 3 premieres on PBS January 19th


PBS has officially confirmed this morning that Sherlock series 3 will premiere January 19th at 10 PM ET following Downton Abbey under the PBS Masterpiece programming block.

The BBC premiere date hasn’t yet been confirmed, however, it has been promised that the series will debut in the UK before the PBS premiere date in January.

Series 3, whose production began in January of this year, will follow the continuing adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman) in three 90-minute episodes. When we last left off, Sherlock had faked his own demise to throw enemies off of his trail, after having dealt with the evil Jim Moriarty. The first episode to premiere will likely be “The Empty Hearse”, based off of “The Empty House”, the Doyle story that sounded the return of the great detective following his three year absence after his battle with Moriarty at The Reichenbach Falls.

On a personal note, I am looking forward to finally seeing how Moffat and Gatiss tie up the loose ends and definitively explain how Sherlock faked his death, an event that has been sweated over and postulated endlessly since the end of Series 2. I’m also thrilled at the inclusion of one of my favorite characters from the canon, Colonel Sebastian Moran.

You can see the series 3 teaser trailer here.

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