New Wii U Deluxe set packages New Super Mario/Luigi U


Nintendo today has revealed plans for yet another new deluxe edition for their Wii U console, this time packaging two games in the box, those being New Super Mario U and New Super Luigi U.

The new bundle will be made available in NA on Nov. 1, and will be replacing the unit that included a free copy of Nintendo Land. Nintendo Land will still be available as a retail copy and on the Nintendo E-shop for $30. The bundle replacing it, meanwhile, will be available for the same $300 price tag as Nintendo’s other currently available Wii U bundle, which packages Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD into the unit, which will still be available for purchase.

New Super Mario U and New Super Luigi U both received favorable reviews when they released, with Mario holding an 84 metascore on Metecritic, and Luigi holding a 77. Nintendo has yet to provide word on if the new bundle will be available outside of NA.

Source: Nintendo

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