Criticism under attack, TotalBiscuit lays out Youtube’s digital copyright flaws

Criticism can be a bitch. Nobody likes having their project picked apart by unknowns sitting behind monitors, far from the grasps of your shaking hands. As the gaming industry has evolved, so have the mediums on which we are now able to report and explain every aspect of a title. From the horribly terrible to the fantastic, it is our job to give readers/watchers every bit of information we’ve been able to pump from any given subject.

That right has been under attack from the very beginning. We’re no strangers to the C&D.
Developer Wild Games Studio has been systematically attacking many media sources which have negatively criticized their new title, Day One: Gary’s Incident.

Instead of attempting to explain the humor or justify some bugs in the game, Wild Games has instead (What we believe, and have heard from multiple sources) chosen to create obviously fake reviews, delete negative comments on its forums, and copyright slam YouTubers even when having given them permission in the first place.

One of my personal favorites, TotalBiscult, aka John Bain, (I love you, John, no homo) has been one of the victims in this new attack from Wild Games Studio, having a strike placed on his YouTube account. To better understand why this is such a huge issue, check out the video below, where all is explained with such a marvelous accent.

Update: Since the video first aired today, Wild Games has pulled the copyright attack, Win!

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