RIFT – Server Merge (MMO)


Aside from the announcement of the Server merges from Trion Worlds, here’s the basic idea of what’s coming on October 23rd for North America and October 24th for Europe.

What the company is doing…

Trion Worlds is merging the various NA and EU servers, consolidating the player-base down to three North American servers and four European servers. Initially, there were six North American servers and eight European servers, and this merger will allow for a significant population increase. Trion expresses in the announcement that this is a step towards internationalization, allowing people of different languages to play alongside each other. Although this has no major impact on North America, it does propose an interesting option for European players.

What the players are saying…

With the consolidation of players and guilds into fewer servers, there is a rise in conflict towards who retains their names. If there are more than one character/guild with the same name after the merger, they will be flagged for a free rename. Although various people offer their skepticism of how this will affect the community, only time will tell.

Beyond that, experienced players of the MMO community understand that old-school MMOs who function on the leveling-grind-endgame system often find people uninterested in returning. MMOs like RIFT, WoW, DCUO, LOTRO, and the other MMOs I end up playing and randomly returning to, all suffer from a finite scope of gameplay that parallels one another and ultimately saps the attention of players. Although community is one of the large aspects of retaining interest in MMOs, the game must still be fresh enough to capture the wonder of consumers.

Players have also noticed that Trion has not mentioned any lacking in population numbers, which often constitutes a server-merge, using the internationalization attempts as the reason. There is the lot that would prefer Trion be more honest about what is happening, while others accept the veiled truth. Especially in a time where Trion Worlds is seen as going into a terminal velocity freefall, with the dwindling numbers of RIFT and the lack of popularity for their other MMO, DEFIANCE.

A popular sentiment is the reminiscence that various players share, that RIFT does feel “soulless”. Despite the fair bit of lore in-game, the text offered is considered to be presented poorly. Although this does not contribute to the topic at large, it is a recurring sentiment.

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