Mech Mice’s Map of Roden Scavenger Hunt – Map Piece #2

Mech Mice - 05

Hyper Hippo Games (Club Penguin) has recently launched their new turn-based tactical game, Mech Mice. In the game, you’ll build your squad of mice in mech suits to defend themselves against the cybug armies. The mice were once the most hunted animals in the world of Roden, but thanks to a mysterious crystal shard, they have been able to rise up and were given superior knowledge, civilization, and technology.

Nerd Reactor has teamed up with Hyper Hippo Games for the Mech Mice scavenger hunt. You have stumbled upon the second scavengers hunt map pieces of Roden, Dryseed Deadlands. The first map piece can be found here.

Mech Mice - Locked-02-Dryseed_Deadlands

To unlock the map piece, simply visit and enter the code “NERDREACTOR”. Other map pieces will be released later on in other blog sites.

Mech Mice - Algernon02

Thanks to the mysterious shard cores, there are 5 main mouse/rodent civilizations in the world of Roden. Each civilization is a result of a large shard core, but there used to be 6 cores total. Smaller tribes have been sprinkled throughout due to the smaller shard splinters.

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