Braaaaains! For Charity! Zombie Run for Humanity!

Zombie RunOver the past five years, we have seen an increase in special races such as the Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, Color Me run, etc. (which proves that running on its own is boring). With Halloween just around the corner in comes Ottawa’s “Zombie Run for Humanity”, a 5Km (3.1 Mile) obstacle course taking place across a 270 acre terrain! To sweeten the deal, all proceeds will be donated to Habitat for Humanity National Capital Region!

zombierun2The race will take place at the Nepean Equestrian park just west of Ottawa on October 19th. For those people familiar with the region, you know just how massive this place will be and how it is the ideal zombie habitat. The event will divide participants into two teams, humans and zombies. The human’s role is simple, survive as long as you can and make sure that the zombies don’t remove your three flags (wouldn’t flag football be more entertaining this way?). As a zombie, your goal is simple, hunt and infect humans by removing their flags. The zombies will also be split up into ‘chasers’ who will run you down and chase your delicious flesh and ‘walkers’ who will travel in large groups and attempt to corral and corner you!

ZombieRun4Organizers Susan Vacheresse and Ryan Ricci are hoping to make this an annual event and have had an overwhelming amount of support from Habitat for Humanity volunteers, many of whom who have donated their time to build obstacles for the race. Susan, a Real Estate Realtor, and Ryan, A financial planner, have both spent long hours preparing this unique event and are hoping that the hundreds of participants this year allow them to make this an annual event. If they survive that is…


For more information on the race, head on over to Zombie Run for Humanity’s website and Facebook page!


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