Want Sid Meier’s Civilization V or Mafia 2 for free? Enjoy!


Who doesn’t love free games? Seriously, apart from the Humble bundle deals, games are expensive. Thanks to the golden Joystick awards, GMG and 2K games, just for voting (not required) we can choose one of these great titles for absolutely free!

Green Man Gaming has been around since 2010, and in that time we have been offering some of the best deals around on the latest and greatest games released. Now we’ve gone one further, and are pleased to offer every person who has voted in this year’s awards a free game on us*, courtesy of our friends at 2K Games.

Click me for free games!

See, we love you guys, and we love free games, so spread the love and get your friends/family in on this. Let’s spend the next 16 hours playing CIV 5, then the next 4-5 arguing and fighting about breaking treaties with Gandhi.

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