Sharkoon’s Drakonia Black Edition Mouse Review

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So this is a curious little piece, Sharkoon’s Drakonia Black mouse. Just the name alone brings interest into just what the hell it is. If you guessed that it’s a pretty kick ass mouse, well, you’re right on target.

I have 2 nicknames for this mouse, Cracky and Alligator Shoe. Here’s why as far as Cracky goes: The 8 sensitivity settings on this thing range from geriatric turtle to Sonic on steroids with NASA rockets tied to his shoes. Speed and precision are key essentials (if not THE essentials) every PC gamer needs to win games, and this mouse has it in spades. It does take a little bit to get used to, considering how many settings it has as far as speed goes. Now let’s talk about the other nickname, Alligator Shoe.

Now I should explain what an Alligator Shoe is, not the actual shoe itself, but rather what it means. People buy Alligator shoes to show they have money and know what they like and want. The same can be said for this mouse with the amount of ways you can customize it and the fancy way it looks. There’s even a little glowing light that goes under your palm, and it can even have its color changed to just any color, even black (which is kinda weird). You have 4 customizable buttons in pretty comfortable spots that can be changed for just about anything (box says 11 but let’s face it, no one uses the scroll and sensitivity buttons for anything else besides their original purposes (That’s what a keyboard is for). Plus it has 6 mini-weights, giving it a little bit of foundation and ground so that way the mouse doesn’t go flying out of your hands like it will for some people; however, I was hoping it would come with some kind of pouch to hold the weights you take out.

The one gripe that I have with this mouse is the grip on the sides. It’s this ribbed leather material and it makes it feel like I’m holding on to handlebars for a bike. Some people may like it, some people may not but it all depends on the person.

Retailing at around $50 at Fry’s, if you’re looking to get your first gaming mouse or looking for a replacement, you can’t go wrong with the Drakonia Black.

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