ROCCAT Ryos Series Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Hit US Shelves


The German-based company, Roccat, has been a rising star in the PC gaming peripherals industry since 2007. Roccat’s first product, the Kone (check out our review), set them off to an amazing start, followed by high-quality precision products with some of the best designs on the market.

Mechanical keyboards have been a staple in competitive gaming since the first cherry switch, and the adoption of this technology quickly grew as gamers felt the satisfying clicks with which their enemies crumble. The Roccat Ryos is a mechanical keyboard aimed at the hardcore PC gaming market. Amazing customization with detailed design makes this one of the most desired keyboards currently on the market.

The Ryos comes in three variations:


ROCCAT Ryos MK – 99,99 USD, in stores now

The first keyboard in the series is the Ryos MK. The Ryos MK is equipped with the popular black Cherry MX key switches and is aimed at PC gaming purists. Its 32-bit ARM Cortex processor makes it incredibly powerful and responsive. The 2 MB of flash memory allows for over 500 macros to be recorded and stored onboard. Three thumbster keys as well as renowned ROCCAT innovations like Easy-Shift[+] and ROCCAT Talk complete a keyboard perfect for hardcore gamers.


ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow – 139,99 USD, in stores now

Next in line is the Ryos MK Glow, which features the same technical specifications as the MK while adding full backlighting in the color blue – with a powerful LED underneath each and every key. The illumination level is fully adjustable in the rich driver software that comes with every ROCCAT product. Also equipped with black Cherry MX key switches, the MK Glow is built for gamers who care about both the utmost precision as well as the visual effects of their gaming setup.


ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro – 169,99 USD, in stores mid-November

The flagship model of the series is the Ryos MK Pro. It features an additional ARM Cortex processor which is responsible solely for handling the keyboard’s configurable per-key illumination, an impressive and innovative feature that sets it apart from any other mechanical keyboard on the market. “Imagine launching Battlefield 4 and having the keyboard automatically light up all your relevant key bindings – this is what the Ryos MK Pro is able to do for you”, says René Korte. “Configure tons of options in the driver software or code your own jaw-dropping illumination features with the SDK we provide – only your imagination is the limit.” The Ryos MK Pro is also available in four different Cherry MX key switch colors: black, brown, blue and red. This almost makes the integrated USB 2.0 hub and pass-through audio jacks a side note.


The ROCCAT Ryos Series Mechanical Gaming Keyboards can be purchased on Amazon or Newegg.

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