The Mummy Online (MMO) Closure

Bigpoint, publisher of various browser games including Drakensang Online and Battlestar Galactica, has announced the official closure of The Mummy Online (the link is now inoperable).

The game itself was in Beta for over a year. It attempted to cash-in on the franchise’s popularity, but due to decreased interest and player-base, Bigpoint has made the call to consolidate its resources:

…we’ve decided to put more effort into the games that already have a large active fan base, and make them even more awesome with the resources we have.
We would be more than pleased to welcome you in one of these games, for example Battlestar Galactica Online:

Scouring through the feedback from readers on concerning the news, it is conveyed by several users that The Mummy Online was a reskin of Perfect World’s Battle of the Immortals. And while Immortals still received updates from the developers at Perfect World, Mummy Online unfortunately did not receive the same love. Beyond connection issues and reported lack of content, The Mummy Online also suffered a lack in advertisement. And when an MMO does not receive the attention of the masses, it often does not have a support base in which to sustain it.

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