Watch Frederico D’Alessandro’s brilliant ‘Halloween’ pitch video

These days it’s not uncommon to see fan films and pitch videos surface for projects director’s want to take on. Pitch videos can give examples to studios not just of the director’s ability, but what direction they would go with an already established property. Last year a video circulated pitching a new take on the Halloween series. Artist and Marvel Studios Animatic Supervisor, Frederico D’Alessandro put together an animatic for a new version Halloween, and it is nothing short of stunning. Even given the short runtime, characters are developed and we have an immediate stake in their survival (something that was always lacking in the Friday the 13th series). The footage isn’t about the kills, D’Alessandro takes time to build tension. Unfortunately, talks between Platinum Dunes and The Weinstein Company fell through and the project was shelved. D’Alessandro’s pitch real is the last vestige of his Halloween idea. What is fortunate however, is that we have a solid video that creates better horror in under ten minutes than most horror films these days do in two hours. Enjoy.


Animatic Key Frame – “Shape at the Party”


Animatic Key Fram – “Laurie Burning House”

See more a D’Alessandro’s website HERE

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