Star Wars Episode 7: The Latest Rumor – Includes possible title name and trailer date

With Disney’s shocking announcement of purchasing Lucasfilm and releasing the long awaited Star Wars Episode 7 last year, it seems like everyone is just dying to know Disney and Lucasfilm’s next move is. With all the recent buzz of old cast members and new ones auditioning, it’s hard to know whats true and what is just a rumor when Disney isn’t saying much. Here are some current buzz for Episode 7:


Harrison Ford, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jack Whitehall

Harrison Ford (shown with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jack Whitehall) recently sat with Graham Northon on his BBC One Talk Show and mentioned that he hasn’t fully made the decision to return as Han Solo for Episode 7. This changes the early rumors and statements from Ford, which he indicated he was ready to return, along with Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher set to reprise their roles.





Saoirse Ronan playing Jaina Solo?

On October 1, 2013 Saoirse Ronan confirmed that she had in fact auditioned for a role in Star Wars Episode 7 but did not state what role she would be playing. While confirming her audition, Ronan has stated “so has everyone else,” meaning she’s either confirming all the top and hottest actors and actresses are jumping on that chance, or she’s downplaying her audition (maybe she didn’t get the part?). When pressed for more details on her audition, Ronan mentions the producers would “chop off her head with a lightsaber” if she reveals any details. Given her youth, the 19-year-old actress could be playing Jaina Solo, Han and Princess Leia’s daughter.



Peter Mayhew and Chewbacca

Last month, a casting call was launched looking for a 7′ to 7’3″ tall actor with a slim build. Though the listing was stated as “UNTITLED STUDIO FEATURE”, the filming was stated to begin early 2014. It also had listed Kathleen Kennedy, JJ Abrams, Bryan Burk, Tommy Harper as producers. With no confirmation from Disney nor Abrams, we can only assume the roll is for either Chewbacca or an unknown Wookie. Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca in Episode 4, 5 and 6, has claimed he would “pursue the role of Chewbacca for Episode 7” despite his recent double knee replacement surgery.

Kellvin Chavez of Latino Review recently posted an article with an exclusive on possible working titles for Episode 7.

I was exclusively told that during that time, it seems that George had two working titles for Star Wars: Episode VII that were competing in his mind: Return of the Sith and Rise of the Jedi! These working titles were turned over to the Disney Company through the sale, BUT, there is no guarantee whatsoever that Disney will use these titles for the movie.

It’s true that due to the sale, Disney has no obligation to use any of George Lucas’ work whatsoever, including titles, so it remains to be seen if either of the two would be used. Chavez notes that Return of the Sith is too similar to Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith. Though Rise of the Jedi would be a better title, I feel like a new title away from Jedi or Sith would be more appealing.

Jedi News is reporting a rumor indicating that the first Star Wars Episode 7 teaser trailer will be played with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The trailer will reveal the official title and release date, rumored to be November 15, 2015.


And lastly Jedi News is also reporting a potential announcement from Disney slated for Oct 23, less than 2 weeks away! They claim potential news could be the first official casting of Episode 7. They also mentioned a few roadblocks, including the announcement of new products from Apple on Oct 22, and the possibility of interfering with Thor: The Dark World press event scheduled Oct 30 internationally leading to the US opening on Nov 8. The last roadblock they mention is the request from Harrison Ford to not announce anything until he’s done with his press tour of Ender’s Game to avoid Star Wars related questions. The last one could be false seeing as he has stated he hasn’t committed to Episode 7 yet, though that could end up being a diversion tactic on his part.

That wraps up our update on Star Wars Episode 7. With less than 2 weeks away until Disney’s rumored announcement, we’ll start seeing how all the pieces will come together. Stay tuned!

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