Exclusive: Sci-fi film Paradox Alice character video logs

Paradox Alice

We are getting a lot of Europa movies lately, the recent one being Europa Report. Now we have another one coming out soon called Paradox Alice. Here’s one thing that makes the sci-fi film, Paradox Alice, stand out from a lot of other space movies; one of the male astronauts turns into an attractive blonde female. Wha?! The film takes place in the near future and follows a small group of astronauts on a mission to retrieve water from Europa, one of Jupiter’s moon, in order to save Earth.

We have exclusive character vlogs of one of the astronauts, Jim, below.

Jim Video Log #1

Jim Video Log #2

Jim Video Log #3

Paradox Alice is being released digitally on all major online video services and Cable VOD on October 15, 2013.

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