The United States Military has commissioned a real life Iron Man/War Machine suit! Whaaaat?

iron_man_war_machineI am absolutely speechless at this….okay that’s a lie – in fact I’m the opposite and am filled with a lot of words. Iron Man has made such a massive impact on this generation that it’s both surprising and expected that our military would stick their hands into this kind of technical research. If you don’t know who Iron Man or War Machine is, you might need to crawl out of the rock you’ve been under since this is pretty awesome news.

The military is calling this suit the “Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit”, which would provide the closest living facsimile to the Iron Man suit; it would give its operator almost superhuman abilities such as: enhanced strength, an on-board computer that would give accurate awareness to dangerous situations, installed night vision, liquid based protection from gunfire, and full monitoring of the user’s body’s core temperature, skin temperature, heart rate, and hydration levels. Holy crap! The only things that are missing are Jarvis and a flight propulsion system.


Going back on the liquid-armor, this actual tech is being researched and developed by MIT. The special liquid responds to electrical impulses and hardens to a solid immediately within milliseconds. This solid form of this armor is strong enough to stop bullets, virtually making the suit user impervious to a majority of ballistics. The army is planning to have this tech applied to the entire suit making it a modernized version of  a “knight in shining armor”. Possibly coupled with an on-board weapons system, I don’t think there would be any way to stop this future soldier of the battlefield.


Our technology seems to know no bounds when it comes to human imagination, and with a little help/inspiration from Iron Man, I would like to one day see an actual Mark 7 suit flying around. Who knows? I’d give it another 30 years and we’re probably going to be there.

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