League of Legends: Riot releases Jinx Music video, ‘Get Jinxed’


What better way to introduce a childish, psychotic, megalomaniac like Jinx than a beautifully rendered CG animated music video. Jinx is set to be released by mid-October and Riot is really pushing this champ with teasers, an early beta release, and now this awesome CG collaboration. Enjoy the video summoners, Jinx just keeps looking more and more enticing, and heck, AD carries always sell the best, especially female ones.

The music video shows sequences from Jinx’s dreams of causing destruction and mayhem throughout Piltover with a small cameo by Ziggs around 1:25.

Well done yet again, Riot, I’m sure you’ve been pushing to get it to premiere at Worlds, but this’ll do guys. This’ll do.

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