SMS Audio’s Street by 50 Over-Ear ANC headphones review

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50 Cent’s SMS Audio has been in the headphones business since 2011. The company focuses on creating high-end headphones. We had the chance to test out the high-end Street by 50 Over-Ear ANC headphones.

Street by 50 comes in a blue box complete with magnetic flap for opening. The headphones are located inside a nice shell case. The actual headphones look nice, and mine came in a futuristic silver color with white memory foam earcups. It doesn’t have 50 Cent’s name plastered all over it, which is a good thing since he’s not trying to overshadow the actual headphones. It also has leather padding underneath the headband for extra comfort. Another feature includes a mic and one-button control for phone calls. The headphones are foldable for easy carrying.

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The main feature that comes with this is the ANC (Active Noise Canceling). You’ll have to charge your headphones via a mini-USB for it to work, and once it’s fully charged, it is estimated to last around 70 hours. I like my music loud, so it was a slight noticeable difference with ANC being turned on or off. It’s subtle, but it does help somewhat. You can also hear white noise just a tad when ANC is turned on.

You can have all the nice packaging and design for the headphones, but the real meat is the sound quality. With the price tag of just under $300, I expect a lot out of it. The highs and meds are excellent. The clarity is just amazing. I’ve tested it with songs from different artists like Daft Punk, Rage Against the Machine, LMFAO, Swedish House Mafia, John Williams and Hans Zimmer (Sorry, I didn’t try 50 Cent). Vocals, guitar riffs, electronic sounds and violins all sound clear.

Since 50 Cent is known for producing hip hop music, I was looking forward to how the bass would sound; sadly, it wasn’t up to par. I’m not expecting the bass to make your car hop up and down, but when compared to other high-end headphones I’ve tested, I was a little disappointed. I’ve tested these with many bass-heavy songs, and it was definitely lacking in that department.

If you’re a fan of some deep-sounding bass, these are not the headphones to get. If you like your bass on the down low with some good highs and meds, then you can’t go wrong with Street by 50. These retail for $279.95 and you can check them out at the SMS Audio site.

Grade: B-

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