Greg Berlanti talks Arrow season 2 at SDCC


October 9th will see the return of the CW’s hit TV show Arrow, which until now has been loosely based on DC’s The Green Arrow. Today Nerd Reactor is proud to announce that it’ll be publishing a new interview with the cast and crew of Arrow everyday until Wednesday to celebrate the new season. Spoiler warning! We talk a lot about the season one finale!

Back at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, we sat down with Greg Berlanti, executive producer and writer on the show, to discuss the up-and-coming season. Berlanti said that the first half of the season will very much be in reaction to show’s season 1 finale. He also stated that this season will see the character of Oliver Queen drawing closer to his comic book character’s roots. “The whole arc of the series is very much [Oliver] going from vigilante to the Green Arrow that we all know, which is a very different character from what we introduced last year.”

Check out the interview below and be sure to come back for the rest of our interviews counting down to the second season of Arrow!

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