Ghost Adventures 100th Episode Review – The Exorcist House


Before I begin, I’d like to say that I’ve been a fan of Ghost Adventures since season one. I’ve seen Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin grow as paranormal investigators and change as people throughout the years they’ve been doing this show. I have a lot of respect for these guys, since they are trying their best to present as much evidence as they can to the general public about ghosts and spiritual phenomena.

What separates them from the other rabble? Well for one thing, it’s just the three of them. They created “the lock-down” and have gathered A LOT of evidence since they are such a small team. I personally abhor the other “hunter” shows since it’s a gigantic film crew, which makes you question their evidence, and question their motives for ratings. The GA Team have added only one more person to the team since their equipment has gotten more advanced, but that doesn’t detract from the experience which makes me come back for more.

The Ghost Adventures team has been overseas and has been to many locations on the map. However for the their 100th Episode special, they have gained access to the actual home where the movie The Exorcist was based on. Truthfully I was hesitant when they announced this, since the GA Team has already been through many demonic situations.


Zak, Nick, and Aaron have had their fair share of possessions already which have affected their personal lives greatly. While I was watching the episode, I kept thinking about the personal issues that they’ve all gone through, and you can sense it in Nick’s voice when he kept saying that he didn’t want something like that in his life again. This is with good caution, because the evil that occurred in this house back in 1949 still reverberates even to this day.

One of the interesting things that the GA Team did during this episode was speak to the relative of Father William Bowdern who exorcised the boy in that house. Father Bowdern’s niece, Eileen Dreyer, was not willing to go anywhere near the house during the interview with Zak. She too believes that what affected that house was so evil and powerful that it’s seeped into the stone and woodwork of that home, and is the reason why the place is cursed. The team also interviewed the neighbor who had the same reaction about the property and its terrible history. In addition to the neighbor, they also spoke to another paranormal investigator, Greg Myers, that had been attacked in that home who offered them a little bit of insight to the property before their lockdown.


As the lockdown was about to start, Zak had gotten a hold of an original Ouija Board (from the paranormal investigator who was attacked) which was of the same model that the boy and his grandmother used in that home back in the ’40s. Of course we know how that turned out for them, and Nick was very vocal about this. They already knew what the repercussions would be when they went into this lockdown, but you can tell Nick really didn’t want to test their fate with that board. However once the lockdown started, Nick and Zak did get some good evidence because of it. From the spirit box Zak had asked what what happened in the home, and it clearly stated “Devil. Diablo” (For more information on that spirit box that the GA Team uses, I suggest you Google it. It’s pretty interesting).


The next big part of this lockdown was the Kinect software that they were using. For fans of Ghost Adventures, most of you are familiar with this tech since they’ve used it before on a couple other lockdowns already. The software maps out a body when you’re on screen, and Aaron was in the room by himself this time. Aaron started with soft provocation, then eventually moved to a more aggressive tactic which yielded better results with the Kinect. You could see a human form where Aaron wasn’t standing, which seriously creeped me out. Zak and Nick went into the room and attempted the same type of provocation, which yielded the same kind of result with a figure looming near Zak. An interesting thing that Zak did was yell Jesus Christ’s name and this seemed to have a dramatic effect on whatever paranormal entity was in the room with them. It seemed to actually slink away at the yelling of the Lord’s name. In addition to this, the team reviewed their camera footage footage and found that when Zak yelled the Lord’s name in another room, a gigantic banging sound was heard on the audio from another room where no one was stationed.


I actually enjoyed this 100th episode special; the GA team always surprises me with what they attain from each location. They usually come out of their lockdowns with pretty good evidence; whether it be EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon), voices from the spirit box, camera footage, or just what the guys are experiencing physically, they haven’t let me down yet after all these seasons. Of course my favorite episode will always be their trip to Poveglia; nothing will ever beat that episode.


Zak, Nick, and Aaron have been through a lot spiritually, emotionally, and physically through all their lockdowns. Zak does state that they have been humbled after being in this field of work for so many years, and you can see their gradual change in interaction with the paranormal. Zak was very brash in the early seasons and was VERY confrontational to most evil entities they would face. In these later seasons, he’s a little more reserved in his provocation and with good cause. I half expected him to come out swinging in this episode, but I’m glad he didn’t. Since whatever was in this house originally, was completely evil.

In closing, I’d like to thank Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin for being able to bring the paranormal to the general public. I’ve always been a believer, but if you’re a skeptic, that’s fine too. I at least hope that these shows make them stop and ask themselves if it actually was just “the wind” that knocked on their window on a dark, calm, and moonless night.

Grade: B+

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