’24: Live Another Day’ set in London, coming May 2014


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Jack is back! Since the end of 24, fans have been asking for the 24 movie to continue the legacy of Jack Bauer. Keifer Sutherland has frequently mentioned a movie in the works but stated it being impossible to have it made during the series. Since ending, rumors swirled about the movie with many producters/directors indicating it’s on track, including having the late Tony Scott attached to direct. Eventually, the movie was scrapped with instead a limited 12-episode series taking its place, which was announced in May 2013.

Now, The Wrap is reporting that 24: Live Another Day is being set in London with a fugitive Jack Bauer on the run, taking place 4 years after the events of 24 Season 8. In true 24 fashion, when 24: Live Another Days airs, it would be 4 years after Season 8 ended.

“Jack is soon back on the run and it takes us into the streets of London and in places that break new ground for the show,” said co-showrunner and executive producer Manny Coto. “We’ve shot in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Cape Town — but now we’re in London and Jack’s loose on the streets of Europe, hunted by and hunting bad guys.”

As a long time fan of 24, I’m very excited that instead of a movie, they went with a show format again. The way 24 is, there isn’t enough time to squeeze into a movie time frame. Set in real time, with only 12 episodes, we’ll see how the show will fully play out, whether it’s only 12 hours real time or a full day like each season. Either way, I’m excited to see another crazy day play out for Jack Bauer.

Source: The Wrap

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