REBOOT, the reboot, coming soon

[Editor’s note: Adam is a 90s kid, so he wasn’t there when Reboot was airing on ABC Saturday mornings.]

At six years old, my priorities and concerns included Lunchables pizza or ham/cheese, when Gohan would reach Super Sayajin 2, and when the newest episode of Reboot would air.

Many of us “90s kids” grew up watching Toonami. Reboot first aired ABC in 1994, then on Toonami in 1999* (I feel old now) as the first fully computer animated series (followed by Beast Wars). In all honesty, it wasn’t my favorite show at first and I would often skip it for something along the lines of Magic School Bus or The Simpsons.


From what I remember, Reboot eventually grew on me. As the show progressed, so did the animator’s skills, the story improved, and even the ending of the first season had me on my toes. Well, now we get to relive some of that sweet sweet Nerdstalgia (Copyright in progress). Aww yeah, Bob, Dot, Enzo, Frisket and Megabyte are coming back according to Rainmaker Entertainment.

While I am giddy enough to begin spontaneous urination, Rainmaker isn’t exactly the most reliable on Reboot remakes (the 2008 movie was canned). After 10 years, although I’m happy to see Reboot back, my hopes aren’t exactly in a … Solid State …

Reboot 2

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