Giveaway: Winner announced for the 3D Wall Art Avengers nightlight

Avengers nightlight

It’s time to announce the winner of the 3D Wall Avengers nightlight giveaway where winner of the contest got to choose which of the four nightlights above they wanted to put up on their wall. To participate, all readers had to do was answer two questions: Who would they recruit into the Avengers and how would they haze the new member.

There were a lot of funny answers, but like Highlander there can be only one. Before we announce the winner let’s check out the runner-ups!


I know it’s doesn’t make any sense, but I always liked him, so I’d pick Ghost Rider. To haze him, the first morning, coming out of his room, have a bucket of water drop on his head. As he rounds a corner shortly thereafter, someone should spray a fire extinguisher in his face. And finally, later on, when he thinks it’s all over, have him do menial chores. Locked in the kitchen. Under the fire sprinklers…


I would choose Batman bc he’s muther effing BATMAN!!!!    …what other reason is there?! In order to haze him in the group, for a week he would have to only speak using helium & have to make ridiculous puns b4 all tasks, in memory of Dark Wing Duck!

Without further ado, the winner is…


I think Sabretooth (Victor Creed) would make an amazing Avenger! To haze him, I’d explain that we hadn’t yet potty-trained the Hulk, therefore as the newbie, he had to follow the green one around with a bucket and shovel (much like a horse in a parade) for the next week; however he CAN’T mention it to The Hulk because “it’s a bit personal and Hulk doesn’t like to talk about it”…… Imagine it; Wolverine’s brother walking around with a pooper-scooper.

Smith7 won because, well, imagine this image with Sabretooth behind him just waiting for what comes next…


And afterwards, Sabretooth saying this…

The whole idea just made me laugh, and this is why you won Smith7! Congratulations and I will be contacting you soon with more information.

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