Wii U firmware 4.0 is live, allows Wii games to be played from the Wii U pad

Wii-U-Game-PadNintendo has let loose firmware version 4.0 for the Nintendo Wii and it comes with plenty of wanted updates.

Up first is the ability to play Wii games from the Wii U gamepad. While that may sound cool you will still need to use wiimotes to play the games. Nintendo’s goal was always to make the Wii U gamepad a secondary screen, so if the main TV is in use you could always use the gamepad.

Other updates include Support for Dolby Pro Logic® II Surround Sound for Wii games, addition of USB Keyboards, the ability to disable use of a Nintendo Network ID on non-Nintendo hardware such as PCs and smartphones, headset support to chat with friends, impressive changes to internet browsing which include PDF support, and the ability to capture images in game and launch internet browser to upload them.

The update is live and is about 700MB, so it will take a while.

You can get all the information about the update here.

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