Hearthstone under maintenance, patch and wipe incoming

C3RTS7JR6BE51376586154389If you’re just waking up this morning and wondering why Hearthstone, which is still in closed beta, is down for maintenance again after they just had one not too long ago, it’s because this time Blizzard is implementing the first major patch for the game, including an entire game wipe that will reset card collections and put everyone back on the same page.

As for why it’s going on until 6 pm, some murlocs may have gotten into the mainframes and Blizzard likely needed to call an exterminator.

But the important thing is that the patch is finally coming! This patch will address a number of issues and introduce a lot of quality of life changes to the game, even some methods of closing the gap between players that choose to throw their money at the game for cards and those who choose not to.

Balance of class decks are also being adjusted, with Rogue decks expecting to be toned down, and Warrior decks receiving some buffs, as well as adjustments to everyone else. The crafting system will also be improved to make it easier and more enjoyable to use, and Arena mode will have its rewards increased significantly for winning more games with your randomized deck.

You can look up some of what to expect from the patch in this fancy link here, as well as more information on the account wiping itself from this link here.

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