Super Mario 3D World trailer: the system-seller Wii U needs


At E3 I played a bit of Super Mario 3D World. My favorite level had us four players all trying to control a floating dinosaur while breezing through some rapids, trying to avoid obstacles, and attempting to all jump at the same time to increase our height off of ramps. It was genuinely fun.

super mario 3d world sand sliding

The problem I had with what I played is that the game seemed simple. Not only that, but it appeared as if the entire game catered only to players who were planning on playing with two to three friends at all times. In other words, this Mario game was going to be bland when played alone.

super-mario-3d-world princess peach

A few months later, and now I need this game. I need it because it looks like Nintendo has somehow captured fun by the tail, and beamed it onto a disc. Until this game finally releases, I won’t know how much of a blast it is to play, but this trailer makes me feel like Mario is fun again. What say you, internet? Does Super Mario 3D World look like a game that would get you closer to buying a Wii U? Check out the new trailer below:

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