Nintendo ending Wii production?

When the Wii was announced, gamers (including myself) and critics alike wondered what Nintendo was thinking. As soon as Nintendo rolled out the console, it became an instant hit. Bringing gamers and first time players to a simplistic game style sealed the deal for Nintendo. No longer were they struggling behind Sony and Microsoft but now ahead of the two giants. 7 years and 100 million consoles later, Nintendo appears to be closing up shop on the Wii.

Kotaku has recently posted a note on the Nintendo Japanese site for the Wii, which states “近日生産終了予定” or “Production ends soon” in Japanese. Seeing as Nintendo is struggling with the Wii U, this could be a good sign seeing as they could focus all their resources on the Wii U. Plus, the Wii U plays both Wii and Wii U games, and given the recent update that allows Wii games being playable on the game tablet, it’s safe to say consumers can easily ditch their Wii’s in favor of the Wii U while maintaining their current Wii games (just like the PS2 launch).

No word yet if Nintendo is officially ceasing all production of the Wii, but I’m all in favor of it. Microsoft’s decision to kill the XBOX almost immediately after the XBOX 360 helped them focus more on their new console and helped dethrone Sony’s top spot. Now if Nintendo kills the Wii, the Wii U could garner the support it needs to keep afloat and possibly get back on top.

Source: Kotaku

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