Dark Souls 2 beta videos show improved jolly co-operation

_bmUploads_2013-09-18_5574_SummonCoop_WhitePhantom1Unlike our own government, players in Dark Souls enjoyed working with each other as much as they do against each other. So those keeping an eye on Dark Souls 2 may be interested by the fact that some beta videos showing that player interactivity have popped up on le interwebs recently.

NeoGAF has been collecting the posted footage, at least until Namco Bandai decides that people shouldn’t be watching footage of their game this early. Most of the collected videos show off the improved co-op mechanics. Phantoms now work on a timer, though it seems to at least allow enough time to clear a specific area. However, a phantom’s time limit also seems to decrease whenever they kill an enemy, a likely attempt to encourage players to pull their own weight. Phantoms can now also heal themselves with estus flasks, a privilege that was only reserved for the host player in the previous game, and interact with bonfires to light their torches.

There’s a bunch of other collected information on Neogaf, and if you’re interested in the direction the new entry is going, it’s worth a read (though be wary of spoilers). Make sure to check out some of the jolly co-operation in a couple of the videos on hand. One of the videos even shows a sick new backstab animation for spears.

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