Viz Media’s entire digital manga titles are now on Apple’s iBooks including Naruto and Bleach

Viz Media has announced that its entire digital manga catalog is now available on Apple’s iBooks. That means manga readers can enjoy over 1,600 manga volumes and over 130 different

Microsoft says Xbox One’s voice chat won’t be private, while other features will be secretive

Microsoft has released information on how the Xbox One Kinect would store your data. Some of them includes the Kinect storing numerical data that represents your face. These data will

Zetman anime series heads to Blu-ray and DVD November 5th

Zetman, the dark sci-fi action anime series, is arriving on Blu-ray and DVD November 5th. The series is based on the popular manga by Masakazu Katsura (Video Girl AI, I”S), who

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 gets a new story trailer

Poor, poor Dracula. It looks like he can never get a break. His son, now Alucard, and everybody else are hellbent on killing the prince of darkness. Check out the

Blink-182 to perform at BlizzCon 2013 in Anaheim, CA

Photo: Business Wire Blizzard has just announced that the popular rock band, Blink-182, will be closing out the concert for BlizzCon 2013, a convention for fans of Blizzard, Diablo, Warcraft

PS4-exclusive game, Basement Crawl, gets a trailer

Basement Crawl is an exclusive game for the PlayStation 4. It’s a maze-based multiplayer action game that will be available on November 15th, the day the PS4 launches. Some people

Fangasm’s fan-favorite Andrew Duvall has a web series, The Apartment!

Andrew Duvall, a fan favorite from Syfy’s Fangasm has a new hilarious web series out called The Apartment. As described in the YouTube tag line “The Apartment is a documentary-style comedy

Experiencing the music of Danny Elfman

I’ll admit this right now: I’m probably one of the most uncultured people on the NR staff. Fancy occasions like orchestral concerts generally aren’t my thing. I mean, I play

South Park: The Stick of Truth delayed until March 4, 2014

South Park: The Stick of Truth has been plagued with delays. People thought that once Ubisoft obtained the rights to the game from THQ, the game would finally be coming

The Nintendo Wii is still outselling the Wii U

The Wii U has been out now for almost a year, and the Wii is still outselling the Wii U. Nintendo has also stopped making games for the Wii since

Cell phones and airplanes! Together at last!

That is one cool piece of luggage! Available at ThinkGeek. One of my biggest annoyances when I worked as a flight attendant was people’s inability to shut off their electronic

Contest: Wolverine Hoodie Giveaway

With The Wolverine heading to Blu-ray in December and the X-Men: Days of Future Past movie on the horizon, we have teamed up with ThinkGeek to help out with our Wolverine

Upgrade your iPhone to a Pokédex TODAY!

How does this upgrade work? Well it’s not so much an upgrade as it is a feature. With the help of Wolfram Alpha, Siri can look up a mind blowing

Contest: Plantronics Rig Headset Giveaway

We have teamed up with Plantronics to give you this awesome giveaway of the Rig headset. Check out our review, and then enter our contest. The headset is very versatile, as

Octodad: Dadliest Catch, a silly game of tentacle manipulation

I’ve seen Octodad screenshots, and I even glanced at the game during E3, but I never really gave it a whole lot of consideration until I saw it yet again

Heavenly Sword gets a CG-animated film (trailer)

The Sony-exclusive game, Heavenly Sword, will now be adapted as a CG-animated feature film. It’s set to be released digitally worldwide and in select theaters in Spring 2014. The movie’s

Aaron Taylor-Johnson closes deal to become Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron

It has been reported before that Aaron Taylor-Johnson is set to play Pietro Maximoff, aka Quicksilver, in the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron film. Now according to The Wrap, they

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer to debut in front of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Marc Webb has tweeted a very interesting photo today about The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It’s contains the Elvish language, which translates to “Watch for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer in front of The Hobbit in

Contest: Winner announced for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Hoodie and T-shirt Giveaway

It’s time to announce the winner for the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Hoodie and T-shirt giveaway contest. The winner gets a Captain America hoodie and a Marvel t-shirt. Jeff (Jeffrey

Contest – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition Giveaway

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Extended Edition is now available on iTunes. It will also be available on Blu-ray and DVD November 5, 2013. The extended version includes 13 minutes