Real Boxing for the PlayStation Vita comes out swinging (review)

Real Boxing is the first boxing game developed for the PlayStation Vita by Vivid Games. Vivid also released Real Boxing for the PlayStation 3 late last year. The game runs on the Unreal Engine 3 to create a realistic, action based boxing game which they hope fans will enjoy. You’ll fight in multiple matches as you rise to the top of the ranks to be the best.

Real-Boxing-PS-Vita-10At the start of the game you’ll be creating your fighter. You start by customizing his looks, his ring attire and accessories, and you can also use what money you have and earn to pimp out your character. You earn money and upgrade points by winning matches and completing optional goals. Stats are broken down between speed, stamina and power which will heavily affect your character’s gameplay.

The game’s controls are pretty interesting. You move around with the left analog stick and guard or dodge with the R button. Holding the R button keeps up your guard, but only for three punches from your opponent before your guard drops. By pressing the R button quickly and timing your dodge, you will go in slow-mo where you can throw a powerful punch against your opponent or vice versa, as they can dodge you as well. The right analog stick controls the right arm and the left control pad controls the left arm. By pressing down you throw uppercuts, left and right are hooks while up throws jabs. You can create powerful attacks and combos, and it’s a surprise none of the Vita’s touch screen abilities were added to the game.

The game is pretty simple in terms of what you need to do, which is to fight and earn points and perks. That’s done by training via mini games (jump rope, punching bags, etc).

The game features an online mode where you can take on other boxers via tournaments and single player matches. It was a mode I never really got a chance to try out since I never found an opponent to play; unfortunately, the one time I found an opponent the game quickly dropped.

Real Boxing looks visually impressive, but it lacks quite a bit including a soundtrack which is almost non existent. The commentating just repeats the same lines over and over, and the training mini game adds some quick enjoyment even though the game doesn’t always recognized your inputs correctly. The game lacks any real depth, and once you finish the campaign, there isn’t anything else for you to do but to keep on fighting and earning money and maxing out your characters stats.

Overall the game is okay and the fights are enjoyable and challenging, but you can get in around 2-5 hours of enjoyment out of the game before it just starts getting too repetitive. For $9.99 it’s not a bad buy for boxing fans who want to play something on the go and kill some time.

Grade: C

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