Destiny: Box art revealed!


“Give us something, anything!” The masses pleaded to Bungie, holding their pre-order slips in hand as they lie in wait with anticipation. Bungie, in their shining towers have given the people a taste, just a small glimmer of satisfaction that follows in contentment of an impending masterpiece.

So here they are: Destiny box art covers.

3D Boxshot Wizard LHS v1.1

With a number of awesome releases tomorrow including the Battlefield 4 beta, the launch of GTA 5 online (Goodbye social life), and Tererria 1.2 Update, we also have another announcement to look forward to from one of the world’s top FPS developers. Will Destiny take over your gaming life? Tell us just how excited you are to seeing this game go live.

Check back with us tomorrow to see just what Bungie’s big announcement will be, and have a great October nerds!

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