Xi3’s PISTON to be the first Steambox

We remember Xi3 from CES 2013 in early January. An array of micro-form-factor PCs populated the booth in a colorful spectacle of future PC access. One such machine stood out greatly, the PISTON.

Xi3’s PISTON is described with:

“Gaming supremacy starts with a powerful system, and Xi3’s PISTON Console comes packed with a 3.2 GHz AMD Trinity Processor, Radeon 7000-Series GPU and 8GB DDR3 Gaming RAM. Never lag behind gaming standards with the only console that’s also an upgradeable Modular™ Computer that keeps up with the latest technology in the industry.”



  • $999.00

Primary Storage:

  • Hard Drive Standard- Internal 128GB SSD
  • 8GB RAM
  • 3.2Ghz Quad Core (R464)

The PISTON is not cheap. While some analysts argued that a Steambox will be competitively priced to consoles, this machine costs more than the price of both the PS4 and X-Box One combined, along with a game or two.

So what is the huge benefit? Well the PISTON is tiny. At just about 4 inches per side, it can easily be taken to a friend’s house or any remote location where you wish to game it up. The PISTON also makes a wonderful home theater system just like other consoles. Although it doesn’t have a disc drive, the vivid visuals supported by 384 graphics cores that deliver stunningly smooth video along with a top end gaming experience.

So what do I think of the PISTON? Well I’ve always been weary of micro-factor PCs due to heating issues. From what we’ve seen at CES and read on Xi3’s page, we can safely assume they’ve solved this issue. While I also anticipated the eventual drift towards minimization, the hardcore will always keep upgrading their machines to top specs if not just for bragging rights. Both systems have a solid place in the market, and this is one solution for console gamers wanting to adopt into the one true master race.

Make sure to keep up with Xi3 for the latest news on the PISTON.


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