What Google looked like in 1998, and other popular sites

Google turns 15 this month, after having started in a garage by Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin (whose net worth is at $24.9 and $24.5 billion, respectively as of August 2013). (BTW–what were YOU doing in college, you gamer nerd?)

If you’ve visited Google today, you’ll notice their new doodle celebrating their anniversary, and if you type into search “Google in 1998” you get this:

google in 1998


It’s great to see how far we… er… Google has come these past years. Design and UX definitely have changed along with the technology and speed of information today. I mean, imagine where we’d be in another 15 years. Google Glass is already now–15 years later, our eyeballs could be mini-computers, and we’ll probably be born with all the information we’ll ever need to know. //shudders

Here are some other popular sites and how they looked back in 1998:

yahoo in 1998

Personals are now available at Craigslist.com


taco bell website in 1998

Not loading because FLASH U GUISE… and IE?


fox movies website in 1998

I think “Now Online!” is just an episode recap. Early days of streaming?


aol website in 1998

Remember those annoying CDs?

apple site in 1998

Now it’s “Blow minds, blow budgets”

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