Mortal Kombat: Legacy II Premiere Q&A and gallery

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After a raucous applause as a result of the spine-tingling (pun not intended) Fatality the audience had just witnessed from watching one of the episodes, the Q&A sessions came up, with most of the cast and director Kevin Tancharoen taking part. The overall feeling within the small viewing room was that of meeting old friends, rather than a formal Q&A session with those involved.

Tanchareon would talk about the experience of creating what’s now become one of the most popular web series ever made, saying that it had been an “organic, crazy, fluid process.” Tanchareon also commented on what he wanted to accomplish with Legacy and setting the bar for video game adaptations, saying that he felt that a lot of people don’t respect the source material when making said adaptations.

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Meanwhile, Casper Van Dien was drawing additional applause for channeling Johnny Cage at the beginning, who he plays in season two, including wearing the iconic sunglasses. Ian Anthony Dale, who plays Scorpion, also remarked on raising the bar in terms of presentation and giving the fans what they deserve, while Samantha Jo, who plays Kitana, talked about the excitement of representing female martial artists in the series.

Mark Dacascos drew an especially noticable applause from the crowd. Regular television viewers may recognize him as The Chairman in the Iron Chef America series and its various spin-offs, so seeing him portraying Kung Lao was an enjoyable experience to say the least. Dacascos talked about how he was a practitioner of martial arts, as well as his studies in Taiwan to become a monk. Brian Tee, playing Liu Kang, also talked about how he needed the most prep time out of the entire cast, three weeks worth actually, and his own hesitation in portraying an iconic character like Liu. The audience applause however reassured him that he played his role with flying colors.

The subject would change back towards the goals of the project itself, one of which Tanchareon would specifically say was to “not screw up.” He would talk about how the fans wanted some form of continuation from the first season, bringing back characters everyone knew [Liu Kang], and introducing ones that the fans wanted to see [Kung Lao]. He also reiterated his goal of pushing the boundaries of video game adaptations, citing games like Last of Us and the recently released Grand Theft Auto V as becoming more cinematic, as well as drawing a parallel with how comic book movies have evolved to be more faithful to their source material, and the hope that video game movies will be treated with similar respect.

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Tanchareon would also talk about how he felt that the term “web series” was dead, instead using the term “digital series.” He used an example of how services like YouTube, Hulu, and more are now able to provide content over the internet, all through a computer or television set, a sentiment that Jo sheared in regards to being able to watch entire seasons of shows digitally in one sitting. Tanchareon also cites that creators are able to take more risks with digital releases, being able to give their products directly to the consumer without the need of a theatrical release or a large budget.

Other subjects during the closing moments of the session included talk of the final scene that was shot, where the entire cast was present in costume on the beach (including Van Dien and his knee pads), along with Jo commenting on the unpleasant experience of having to hold fake blood in one’s nose until allowed to let it drip out. Tanchareon also mentioned that he really wanted to have Goro included, but didn’t want to risk having to “half-ass it,” in regards to properly representing him. He did say that strongman and former pro wrestler Nathan Jones was desired for the role, on account of his large stature.

The entire series is available for viewing right now on Machinima’s channel, so you can see all of the aforementioned actors yourself and take in the spectacle that is Mortal Kombat Legacy.

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