MIT and Harvard got together and are close to creating real life ‘lightsabers’ – So cross that off the list


You have to love the guys from Harvard and MIT, especially the geeks that use their massive intellect in order to create something frakking badass.  THEY CREATED LIGHTSABERS! FRAKKING LIGHTSABERS! Okay, so it’s not THE lightsabers that we’re used to. These lightsabers do not cut people in half or even make that “whoom” sound, but it is the closest we’ve come to getting actual lightsabers.


The geniuses at the Harvard-MIT Center for Ultracold Atoms just created a new form of matter that could be potentially used to create lightsabers. The scientists at the lab are reporting that they’ve successfully managed to get two photons to interact with each other and form a “photonic molecule” that acts as if it has mass but still maintains the properties of light. This means that these guys just produced a way to actually hold light, and you know, eventually hit people with them.

In the end, these photonic molecule lightsabers might not be the lightsabers we’ve come to know and love but you can still hit things with it. If anything, at least you don’t have to worry about cutting off your limbs and the limbs of others. That would be very bad.

Either way, with ‘lightsabers’ in the horizon I guess the next invention we have to look forward to are hoverboards! Come on geniuses, 2015 is almost here.


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