Wonderous: The Adventures of Claire Sinclair comic featuring Playboy’s Playmate of the Year

Yeah, I’m a bad nerd, since I didn’t know today is National Comic Book Day. I mean, I thought we had a special day for comics in May for Free Comic Book Day, but I guess another wouldn’t hurt.


In honor of this special day, here’s a comic I’d like to feature called Wonderous: The Adventures of Claire Sinclair from Lion Forge. It features Playboy’s Playmate of the Year (2011) Claire Sinclair as a broke college student who gets superpowers from a medical study. The main baddie she’s up against turns out to be her ex-boyfriend.

We recently did an interview with Claire, so stay tuned as we discuss how she got involved in the project and other nerdy topics.

Wonderous is available on Amazon Kindle Bookstore, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Noble’s The Nook Book Store, Comics Plus and Kobo.

Also check out the Wonderous diaries, a fictional vlog that follows Claire as she shares her newfound powers.

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