Steam Machines announced as part 2 of Steam Universe

Just a couple hours ago Valve studios made its second announcement regarding the Steam Universe business model planned for 2014. Earlier this month we saw the unveiling of the Steam OS, an open source PC operating system focused on gaming. While I had some reservation at first, it is obvious that the next announcement would be a piece of hardware to go along with this. Steam Machines are just that. You can check the full announcement here.

“A powerful new category of living-room hardware is on the horizon. Join the hardware beta now. Choose the model right for you in 2014.” – Valve



We’re also told that variety will be another factor in Steam Machines, and that multiple choices from many manufacturers will be available. This just after Nvidia’s announcement for their new support for Linux makes me wonder at possible exclusivity for the GPU titan (Not the actual titan card).


While these products are still in development, we need your help. As always, we believe the best way to ensure that the right products are getting made is to let people try them out and then make changes as we go. We have designed a high-performance prototype that’s optimized for gaming, for the living room, and for Steam. Of course, it’s also completely upgradable and open.

This year we’re shipping just 300 of these boxes to Steam users, free of charge, for testing. You can make yourself eligible to get one. How? Read on!


I just love that Valve is leaving everything from hardware to OS completely open-ended. Developers are going to go nuts for a powerful Linux-based system specifically for gaming. I mean, we’ve even tried it with the original PS3.

To sign up for the seeding program here is the guide Valve has provided:

Before October 25, log in to Steam and then visit your quest page to track your current status towards beta test eligibility
3. Make 10 Steam friends (if you haven’t already)
4. Create a public Steam Community profile (if you haven’t already)
5. Play a game using a gamepad in Big Picture mode

You can complete the steps in any order. Once you’ve completed all of the steps, you’ll be awarded a special badge, and you’ll officially be among the pool of people from whom we’ll choose beta participants / hardware recipients.

On October 25th, the list will be locked. So complete the quest before then!

Your help is critical to our design process. Your feedback will shape both the new OS version of Steam and the new category of gaming machines that will run it.

Best of luck to all participants. I hope we can all have a wonderful experience in game together, thanks to Steam Universe.


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