First Look: The Search for Simon


In this whacky British Sci-Fi comedy The Search for Simon, we find David Jones searching for his brother Simon, who disappeared in 1979 without a trace. He has been obsessed with finding his brother and his journey takes him all over the world and on a hilarious adventure.

We see in the trailer  that it has something to do with UFOs, which also gave me a 80’s sci-fi feel to it. The Search for Simon also has a Monty Python feel to it – if you like British humor like I do.  The trailer may not explain much, but if you look at the cast and crew, you may be surprised.

The film is directed by Martin Gooch, who has worked on Harry Potter, Eastenders and Hollyoaks, and stars Carol Cleveland (Monty Python), Sophie Aldred (Doctor Who) & Tom Price (Torchwood). searchforsimonOfficial Synopsis:

When David was 10 years old, his younger brother Simon disappeared from his life forever. His father told him that Simon “now lives with the space people”.

A year later, David’s father died and his mother refuses to talk about what really happened. David dedicates himself to the world of extra terrestrials, looking for the space people and the truth he believes must be out there.

Now a man, David is still searching for Simon, traveling the world, meeting anyone who has a story about abduction and UFO sightings. He even tries to get a job at B.A.S.T.A.R.D.D (British AeroSpace Technology and Research Development Division).

THE SEARCH FOR SIMON is a terrific British comedy, with a golden cast to match the script: Tom Price (Torchwood), Carol Cleveland (Monty Python) and Simon Jones (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy), and a guest appearance by gaming legend Ian Livingstone, the man who brought us Games Workshop and unleashed Tomb Raider on the world!

It will be playing at the Raindance Film Festival in London on October 1st. For information, click here. For more info, click here.[vimeo][/vimeo]

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