STREETSTAR – Cosplay Dance Battle


Across the internet over the last few weeks, several sites have shared the video of a Sailor Moon dance-battling against Wonder Woman. In the event that you have not encountered this video, I’m willing to spread its influence across your Nerd Reactor viewscape!

Straight from STREETSTAR in Sweden:

StreetStar is an Urban Experience Agency, creating and producing underground communication and culture. Our roots and our passion come from dance and music. We focus on visual experiences such as street dance festivals, suggestive performances, modern events, experimental movies, wicked remixes, cool fashion happenings and explorative workshops. Everything that we believe is right and important.

In this video, US Judges oversee the performance of the Sailor Moon (Inxi – Finland) and Wonder Woman (Lasseindra – France), who both are utilizing an urban dance called “Waacking” (Thanks for the tip Laura). Further popularized by the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance?” in 2011, waacking has its roots in the 1970s disco era in Los Angeles. It is currently being taught in the dance curriculum of the University of South Carolina.

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