The Dark Harbor returns to Long Beach next week

the ringmasterThose that know me know that Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Sure, Christmas has gifts handed down by a jolly old fat man, Thanksgiving has all the food you can stuff into your gullet, and St. Patrick’s Day gives you a reason to get drunk off your ass. Halloween for me, though, is more fun than all of those combined.

And what better way to ring in the haunting season than a trip to Dark Harbor, Long Beach’s premiere attraction for spooks and scares?

The yearly attraction makes its return once again at the shores of SoCal’s most active beaches, bringing with it six terrifying mazes, including a new arrival, the Circus. Advertised as “the deadliest show on earth,” those brave enough to traverse the big top will be faced with various circus freaks and other monstrocities, all orchestrated by the maniacal Ringmaster.


The best part, however, is that the center of it all takes place at the Queen Mary, Long Beach’s landmark ship and a regular tourist attraction. The Queen Mary served as a luxury cruise ship during the Great Depression, taking on celebrities and royalty from all over the world, and was later modified for transporting troops during WWII. It’s also said to actually be haunted, and there are a number of stories of attendees hearing or seeing strange phenomena on board. You can’t ask for a better location to have a grand Halloween event.

The fun doesn’t end there, though. A number of attractions will also be set up around the perimeter, including a Freak Show, a zipline that gives you a good view of the entire harbor, and a mechanical monster to test your riding ability on. Of course, you also have the regular selection of restaurants and bars along the piers if you’re looking for a place to relax after getting the crap scared out of you, and the Queen Mary itself has several high class dining areas on board.

The Dark Harbor opens up on October 3 and runs on select nights all the way to November 2. You can check out the official website for more information, as well as to purchase tickets.

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