Breaking Bad Season 5 ‘Ozymandias’ recap

bb-14-2And with all great men in power, their fall is just as great. Crashing down dragging everything and everyone with them, they plummet from their highest point and crash the hardest. Walt/Heisenberg has been dethroned, and standing above him is his brother-in-law, Hank Schrader. After a break in his case, he has finally won, if only for a short period.

As the dust settles

The episode begins with us greeted with a flashback of Walt and Jesse’s first cook. Out in an RV in the middle of the desert, they proceed to cook meth. Just as they finish, Walt calls Skyler to inform her he is running late at work. Skyler doesn’t mind as long as he brings pizza. Skyler brings up naming their daughter Holly, to which Walt almost immediately attaches to. As they hang up, the scenery fades away leaving the desert empty. The silence is broken by hundreds of bullets being fired with a sudden stop. Hank, out of ammo, is shot in the leg. Steven Gomez lies dead nearby and Jesse Pinkman is nowhere in sight. As he desperately tries to grab Steven’s gun, Jack steps on the weapon and aims at Hank. Before he can fire, Walt screams for Jack to stop. Given that Hank is a DEA agent, he points his weapon while Walt begs him not tobb-14-3 shoot. Walt proceeds to inform Jack that Hank is his brother-in-law, and that the DEA doesn’t know what’s going on here. Trying to bribe Jack, he mentions the $80 million he has buried nearby and offers it to Jack. Despite Walt’s pleas, Hank accepts his fate. He informs Walt that he’s the smartest guy he’s ever met, but is too stupid to see that Jack made up his mind 10 minutes ago. As he demands for Jack to proceed, he is shot in the head.

Horrified, Walt drops as Hank is killed. While he lies in misery at the events that has unfolded, Jack proceeds to search and uncover the buried money. Once uncovered, they load up the barrels while they bury Steven and Hank where the barrels used to be. Jack picks up Walt and releases him from the handcuffs. As his men load up a barrel for Walt in his vehicle, Jack tells him to just drive away. Mentioning no hard feelings, Jack and Walt shake hands. Walt reminds Jack that he still owes him Jesse Pinkman, to which Jack bb-14-4replies they’ll kill him if he finds him. Walt replies “Found him” revealing Jesse hiding below Walt’s car. While they drag out Jesse, Jack points his weapons and asks Walt if he’s good to proceed. With a nod, Jack prepares to fire only to be interrupted by Todd. He mentions that while with the DEA agents, he must have mentioned details about their operation. They proceed to hold Jesse and will kill him later. Before they leave, Walt mentions to Jesse that he watched Jane die, that he could’ve saved her but did nothing while she choked to death.

Once they leave, Walt sits in his car, points the rear view mirror towards where Hank and Steven are buried, and leaves but runs out of gas in the process (due to a bullet hitting the gas tank). Across the desert Walt now treks while rolling his barrel. He comes across a man and his house. Given he needs a vehicle, Walt asks how much for his truck. When the owner replies the truck is not for sale, he pulls out a stack of money, folded in a $10,000 label and hands it to the man. Once loaded with the barrel of money, Walt heads back home.

Dead to rights

At the carwash, Skyler leaves a message for Walt asking when he will return. Just after she hangs up, Marie arrives to deliver her news. Alone, Marie mentions that Walt has been arrested and is in custody under Hank. She reveals that Hank has been working with Jesse Pinkman, and now have enough evidence to put him away. Marie offers her a chance to be on their side and to give them all the copies Walt made incriminating Hank. On that, she bb-14-5also tells Skyler to tell Walt Jr now, to which Skyler hesitantly agrees. Meanwhile, Jesse is shown in the bottom of a cellar, badly beaten. As the latch opens us, Todd comes down to take Jesse out of there. Before he reaches him, Jesse insists he told them everything, and continuously states him, Hank and Steven worked alone with his confession tapes at Hanks residence. At the top, Jesse is chained to a cable inside a meth lab. Shocked, Jesse notices a picture of Andrea and her son Brock, with Todd returning in a yellow hazmat suit proclaiming “Lets cook.”

After Skyler’s admission of Walt’s secret, Walt Jr is visibly upset. He demands to stop lying about his father. While he tries to reach Walt, Skyler and Marie attempt to calm him down while insisting everything revealed is true and that he unavailable since Hank has him in police custody. Furious, Walt Jr leaves the room, to which Skyler takes him home. Before they arrive home, Walt proceeds to start packing their stuff. As they walk in, a panicked Walt tries to get both Walt Jr and Skyler to pack their stuff and that they must leave right away. Walt Jr demands to know what is going on, only to have Walt scream back to do as he says. While trying to get the truth about the accusations against him, Skyler questions how he is out of police custody. Caught off guard, Walt states that he made a deal and that they must leave. Questioning again, Walt insists that they must leave giving Skyler the realization that Hank is dead. Skyler claims that Hank is dead, to which Walt angrily denies and that he is fine. When Skyler mentions that Walt killed Hank, he confirms her fear by claiming he tried to save him.

bb-14-6Continuing to pack their belongings, Skyler grabs for a knife and demands Walt to leave the house immediately. Calling her bluff, he walks to her only to be slashed in his hand. Furious, he rushes towards her and fights for the knife. Walt Jr demands they stop fighting while he helplessly see his parents fight. Once Walt gains the upper hand, he grabs the knife and is about to stab Skyler when Walt Jr tackles him off her. Scared, Walt Jr protects his mom with Walt exclaiming they are a family. Walt Jr grabs his phone and calls the police claiming his dad is trying to kill his mom. Walt rushes out and grabs Holly in the process, which mortifies Skyler. Despite being blocked, Walt forces Skylers vehicle out of the driveway and takes off with Skyler chasing after in tears over Holly.

On the road again

Later that night, Walt attends to Holly. After changing her diaper, he realizes Holly misses her mom when she utters her first word ‘mama’. At the White residence, Skyler talks to the police describing what has happened. As she explains the phone rings. With police ready to trace and record everything, Skyler answers the phone with Walt demanding to pick up over the answering machine. He asks if the police are there, she replies they are not. Walt then proceeds to belittle Skyler by claiming he warned her not to cross him, knowing the police are recording. Little by little, Walt confesses to his actions, while claiming she had no right to tell Walt Jr since she wasn’t aware of his actions. Claiming Skyler was ungrateful, he chastises her and calls her a stupid bitch. While Skyler apologizes, he reminds her not to cross him again, or she’ll end up like Hank. Asking what has happened to Hank, he replies they’ll never see him again. Upon hearing Walt, Marie is horrified at the news of his death. When Skyler asks for Holly back, Walt states he has more errands to do and hangs up. Afterwards, he proceeds to destroy the phone and heads to a fire station. Startled by the firetruck lights, a fireman heads to the truck to turn off the lights only to find Holly strapped to the seat. The next morning, Walt awaits for the extractor Saul works with, loads up his things and barrel of money, and drives off.

Fade to black, the episode ends with Walt heading to his fate. We already know he’s in hiding, due to flash-forwards in Episode 1 and 9 of Season 5. Now the pieces are slowing coming together to its completion. Hank is dead, and with Walt taking full blame of his and his partners disappearance, Walt needs to go. The only problem is his family was unwilling to leave with him. In the flash-forward, we do not know who is still alive, and we still don’t know fully who is alive. Last week I suggested that both Hank and Steven die, which leads to Walt going into hiding. I also thought Marie would be the one to be reveal Walt as Heisenberg. I was partially correct, but Walt revealed himself. Being way too deep with now his brother-in-law killed, he had no choice but to leave. Having the police record him belittling Skyler was smart on his part, seeing that now she has an alibi. Technically she is safe from prosecution, but that leaves Jack and his crew.

Walt demanded Jack that he owes him Jesse Pinkman still, but Walt believe’s Jesse is dead by now. He doesn’t know he’s being forced to cook for Jack, and Jack could still return and demand his part of the deal. If Walt were to be in hiding, what could bring him out of hiding? The preview reveals Saul explaining to Walt that Jack will go after his family if they don’t have him. Jack wants Heisenbergs formula, and will result to anything to ensure he can make blue sky. I feel like Skyler, Walt Jr and baby Holly are up next on the chopping block. What better message to send to Walt to return to Albuquerque than the death of his family with the name “HEISENBERG” painted on his wall? That would explain why he returned and why he bought weapons and seeks the ricin. All signs point to revenge as his reason for coming out of hiding, and with only 2 episodes left until this great series ends, we have now seen Heisenberg fall. Why he returns should be revealed soon.

Grade A+

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