Star Wars – Super Secret Space Project (MMO)

OldRepublicSpace1When Star Wars: The Old Republic was in development, many players clamored for a space combat system, reminiscent of the old Star Wars Galaxies – Jump to Lightspeed expansion.

Upon The Old Republic’s release in December, 2011, they were greeted with a Star Fox-style rail shooter. I personally did not find this a problem, but I also would not mind a space combat system. If anything, the rail shooter felt more accustomed for consoles than a PC MMO game. BioWare, what happened?

Fortunately, despite BioWare’s non-presence at PAX, a teaser was released concerning Bioware’s fulfillment of fan’s desires:

And although there are many speculations as to what BioWare should and should not do, what they will and will not do, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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